Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Workout Scheduling Epiphany

I think I turned a corner in understanding I need to commit to working out in the morning and not at night.  I went to bed early last night and forced myself to get up and go exercise early (5:30 AM) in the morning, so I'd be done by the time Phoebe had to get on the bus (6:40 AM).  I really didn't want to do it, but now at the end of the workday, I see why people workout first thin in the morning.  It's like paying yourself first.  I'm feeling so free tonight.  There is no feeling of guilt around the things I need to get done to take care of my family over what I need to get done to take care of my self and body.  Let's see if that new found inspiration helps me get out of bed again tomorrow morning.  The funny thing about this morning was that I still needed to get to work early for an early morning meeting, but I really needed to wash my hair.  I did not have time to wash my hair.  Instead, I put my hair for the day together involving lots of dry shampoo, teasing the front of my hair, two bobby pins and a hair tie.  I'd like to think my hair had a Blake Lively kind of feel to it.

I think tonight I'll prep more to be ready for work:  get lunches packed, bags ready, vitamins out, etc. as I will really need to have time to wash my hair tomorrow.  I can't get away with that again.  But who am I kidding.  There will probably not be as much prep for tomorrow happening tonight other than baking cupcakes for their birthday party at preschool tomorrow.

P.S. I had a really catching name to this blog post when I wrote in my journal during red lights on the way home today.  However, I now do not have the foggiest idea what that great title was.  If I remember later, I will rename it!

P.P.S.  Just realized we haven't wrapped the boys presents yet.  Guess we will be up late tonight getting that done.  However, the shuttle birthday cake Tom made for tomorrow night looks fantastic!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Why Do I Reinvent the Wheel in My Organization Strategy

Why, oh why, do I reinvent the wheel in my organizational life?  I tell you it's Pinterest's fault.  I'll have great tools already at my disposal, like, but then I find a great organization website with cool looking that has great ideas for organizing menu ideas and menu planning.  I actually spent time getting the one menu plan template to fit on an entire page so I had more room.  Then later I remember I love using Pepperplate, as I'm not very fond of print outs.  I love my stuff to be more online and in my mind clutter free.

I will still be using the menu ideas organizing ideas here in conjunction with Pepperplate for documenting the recipes we like and actual menu planning.   I also really like her idea for chore charts for kids.  I've downloaded one of those and I'll be customizing it for Phoebe and the boys.

We're gearing up for the boys birthday on Thursday!  We got everything to make cupcakes for school and cake for us and family and friends that evening.  We also still need to wrap their presents, but that will get done soon.  We've talked about what they want for dinner that night.  Apparently Liam likes my crispy chicken thighs so much that is what he is insisting on for dinner that night ... and tonight ... and tomorrow night ... I think he really likes them!

I've also been taking more pictures and I will be posting some soon!  We really had a great three day weekend!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Springtime! The Time of Anticipation

It seems this Spring is a time of anticipation.  This mother robin is anticipating her four babies that should hatch in the next week or two.  She built her nest right outside our front door in one of the gardenia trees we have on the sides of the front door.  I took this picture when she left for a snack after it rained yesterday.

Our family is anticipating these French breakfast radishes which should be ready in early June and the other yummy goodness of our garden we'll have for the rest of the summer.

Myself, I'm trying to figure out what is next for my career.  I started my MBA when I was working in the business for several years, only to be re-organized into IT last April.  I am getting bored with the administrative heavy job I seem to have stepped into.  And being on call at all crazy hours.  I want a normal job in the business again where I get to build cool stuff.  To that end, I posted for a job within the company in the Mobile Payments team on Monday morning.  I spoke to the hiring manager last week before the job was available as I came recommended by one of the team members.  I haven't heard back about my posting.  Either they are moving slow or they aren't really interested in me.  I'm trying to tell myself that whatever happens, it is meant to be.  I am taking action on opportunities showing the universe what I'm interested in and if this one is not the one, it's because the one meant for me is on it's way.  I'm having some faith.  Keep me in your thoughts and prayers that the right thing comes along soon, as this job is stressful and boring.  I can handle stressful, but only if it's exciting and I believe in it.  That said, the responsible side of me is doing what I have to perform my job well.

Anything to anticipate in your neck of the woods?  Is it Spring or Fall?  Does Fall hold just as much anticipation as Spring?

Monday, May 05, 2014

Almond Kale Smoothie

My current favorite breakfast is the Almond Kale smoothie from "It's All Good". Here is a picture of the finished product in my favorite Christmas gift ever!  I love my Vitamix sooooo much!  It's the best investment I ever made.  I make all kinds of smoothies, hummus, salad dressings, etc. in this beauty.  I do need to try some other smoothies though.  I'm about to do my meal planning for the week, so maybe I'll have to tee up something else.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

No More Teachers, No More Books!

The final paper for school is over!!!  I have checked that off my list of goals for this month.  Woo hoo!  I am completely free!  It is a great feeling.

I didn't get to post yesterday as Liam had an ear infection and we had to take him to the doctor and he is deathly afraid of going to the doctor.  It was not fun, but it also explained why he's been very whiny the past two days before!  An antibiotic and a day later and he is feeling much better now.  I really wish my kids would get a fever with an ear infection.  They never do and it makes it so much harder to tell when they don't feel well.  

By the afternoon, they wanted to go outside and play, so I took them out to ride on their tricycles and play with bubbles.  Their idea of playing with bubbles is I blow the bubbles and they hit them with bats to pop them.  Interesting....  But it got their energy out!

Thursday, May 01, 2014

May 2014 Goals

Being done school and the 1st of May.... sounds like time to do monthly goals again!


  1. One date night per week with DH
  2. Find a YMCA class to do with Phoebe
  3. Plan the boys' birthday part - May 29th they will be 5!
  4. Try to be more patient with the kids, especially Phoebe (love her - teenagers are trying)
  1. Mulch front planting beds
  2. Replace burning bush that died
  3. Plant vegetables in garden - tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, peas, radishes, what else do we want?
  1. Submit for approval for two job requisitions
  2. Develop strategy/vision for team this year.
  1. Finish 1 remaining paper for Systems Thinking
  2. Walk at graduation May 17th - relax!!!
Health and Fitness
  1. Cardio 4-5x per week
  2. Try 4 new healthy recipes this month (one per week)
  3. Menu plans for week
  1. Post on blog daily
  2. Catch up on reading other blogs
  3. Have iPad screen fixed
  4. Schedule Tom and I for eye doctor appointment
  5. Schedule Tom and I to go to Costa Rica
  6. Decide other vacation plans
  1. Update the new annual budget file
  2. Take some $ out of reserve to pay down one bill