No More Teachers, No More Books!

The final paper for school is over!!!  I have checked that off my list of goals for this month.  Woo hoo!  I am completely free!  It is a great feeling.

I didn't get to post yesterday as Liam had an ear infection and we had to take him to the doctor and he is deathly afraid of going to the doctor.  It was not fun, but it also explained why he's been very whiny the past two days before!  An antibiotic and a day later and he is feeling much better now.  I really wish my kids would get a fever with an ear infection.  They never do and it makes it so much harder to tell when they don't feel well.  

By the afternoon, they wanted to go outside and play, so I took them out to ride on their tricycles and play with bubbles.  Their idea of playing with bubbles is I blow the bubbles and they hit them with bats to pop them.  Interesting....  But it got their energy out!



Your bubble game sounds a bit dangerous or maybe that's just my crazy kids.

we had to divide and conquer this afternoon - D played swingball with K and I played our version of "croquet" with C to get them moving and working on those ball skills :)
Mandy said…
Ohmygoodness! How big they've grown!!

We've found hiking as our new energy outlet. They love to explore and trek through the woods, especially if there is any sort of water around. I'm going to have to invest in mini camelbaks soon!

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