May 2014 Goals

Being done school and the 1st of May.... sounds like time to do monthly goals again!


  1. One date night per week with DH
  2. Find a YMCA class to do with Phoebe
  3. Plan the boys' birthday part - May 29th they will be 5!
  4. Try to be more patient with the kids, especially Phoebe (love her - teenagers are trying)
  1. Mulch front planting beds
  2. Replace burning bush that died
  3. Plant vegetables in garden - tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, peas, radishes, what else do we want?
  1. Submit for approval for two job requisitions
  2. Develop strategy/vision for team this year.
  1. Finish 1 remaining paper for Systems Thinking
  2. Walk at graduation May 17th - relax!!!
Health and Fitness
  1. Cardio 4-5x per week
  2. Try 4 new healthy recipes this month (one per week)
  3. Menu plans for week
  1. Post on blog daily
  2. Catch up on reading other blogs
  3. Have iPad screen fixed
  4. Schedule Tom and I for eye doctor appointment
  5. Schedule Tom and I to go to Costa Rica
  6. Decide other vacation plans
  1. Update the new annual budget file
  2. Take some $ out of reserve to pay down one bill


I'm also trying to be patient. I have a very lively 7 year old.
I haven't even THOUGHT about May goals but I will do it all this weekend and post :)

YAY to you!!!

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