Why Do I Reinvent the Wheel in My Organization Strategy

Why, oh why, do I reinvent the wheel in my organizational life?  I tell you it's Pinterest's fault.  I'll have great tools already at my disposal, like pepperplate.com, but then I find a great organization website with cool looking that has great ideas for organizing menu ideas and menu planning.  I actually spent time getting the one menu plan template to fit on an entire page so I had more room.  Then later I remember I love using Pepperplate, as I'm not very fond of print outs.  I love my stuff to be more online and in my mind clutter free.

I will still be using the menu ideas organizing ideas here in conjunction with Pepperplate for documenting the recipes we like and actual menu planning.   I also really like her idea for chore charts for kids.  I've downloaded one of those and I'll be customizing it for Phoebe and the boys.

We're gearing up for the boys birthday on Thursday!  We got everything to make cupcakes for school and cake for us and family and friends that evening.  We also still need to wrap their presents, but that will get done soon.  We've talked about what they want for dinner that night.  Apparently Liam likes my crispy chicken thighs so much that is what he is insisting on for dinner that night ... and tonight ... and tomorrow night ... I think he really likes them!

I've also been taking more pictures and I will be posting some soon!  We really had a great three day weekend!


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