Springtime! The Time of Anticipation

It seems this Spring is a time of anticipation.  This mother robin is anticipating her four babies that should hatch in the next week or two.  She built her nest right outside our front door in one of the gardenia trees we have on the sides of the front door.  I took this picture when she left for a snack after it rained yesterday.

Our family is anticipating these French breakfast radishes which should be ready in early June and the other yummy goodness of our garden we'll have for the rest of the summer.

Myself, I'm trying to figure out what is next for my career.  I started my MBA when I was working in the business for several years, only to be re-organized into IT last April.  I am getting bored with the administrative heavy job I seem to have stepped into.  And being on call at all crazy hours.  I want a normal job in the business again where I get to build cool stuff.  To that end, I posted for a job within the company in the Mobile Payments team on Monday morning.  I spoke to the hiring manager last week before the job was available as I came recommended by one of the team members.  I haven't heard back about my posting.  Either they are moving slow or they aren't really interested in me.  I'm trying to tell myself that whatever happens, it is meant to be.  I am taking action on opportunities showing the universe what I'm interested in and if this one is not the one, it's because the one meant for me is on it's way.  I'm having some faith.  Keep me in your thoughts and prayers that the right thing comes along soon, as this job is stressful and boring.  I can handle stressful, but only if it's exciting and I believe in it.  That said, the responsible side of me is doing what I have to perform my job well.

Anything to anticipate in your neck of the woods?  Is it Spring or Fall?  Does Fall hold just as much anticipation as Spring?


Mrs FF said…
Praying for you that you get your heart desires but that God's will be done as well. It's fall or autumn as we call it here and for me I love the wonderful colours and cooler weather.

LOVE the photo of you!!! Such joy :)

Why did I think you were always in IT?

So when you say you want to build cool stuff, what does that mean exactly?

I like your attitude, Heather, might adopt that too!


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