Sunday, June 29, 2014

Canoeing on the Brandywine

Last Sunday was such an awesome day.  We had our niece visiting from Wisconsin and we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather we've been having and take the kids canoeing.  It was the first time for all of us, except our niece who has canoed back at home.  The weather was beautiful.  The company we rented the canoes from was fantastic.  It was a great way to enjoy the day.

Tom's view from the back of the boat.  He had the job to steer us!

Tom's relaxed!

Cousins contemplating the rocks....

Tommy was enjoying the water

The view on the trip was beautiful!  Pennsylvania does have a lot of gorgeous outdoor scenery.

This is our favorite covered bridge.  We go over it a lot when we are running errands on the weekends. We'd see people canoeing and kayaking when we'd go over it, which is what gave us the idea for this trip.  The girls in their canoe are in this picture.

I love the old stone houses that are in this area.  I need to take more pictures of the houses and barns around us.

We all agreed we would definitely do this trip again.  Except maybe Liam.  He was a little nervous the whole time we were in the canoe, even though the water we were in was no deeper than his waist, LOL.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Boys Last Day of Preschool

Summer is here and the school year is over!  The boys had a pajama day for their last day of preschool as they move to another school in August and onto bigger things.  Their teachers also provided a special spaghetti and meatball lunch to celebrate the occasion (the school has us pack lunches normally).  Tears were shed by the teachers and me both.  Miss Laura and Miss Jennie made the boys last two years so special.

Last time in through the school yard gate, sniff...

We're all excited to enjoy the summer here.  Both the boys and Phoebe's energy level was crazy these few days anticipating the end of the school year.  My anticipation is still waiting as I find out if I'll be moving onto a new role at work.  I'm truly ready to jump out of my skin with anticipation.  Please keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for me that I get the final acceptance next week and that this role is everything I want it to be.  Little sneak peak on it - it's on the business side and it's involving Digital and Social Media!!!!!  I'd be leaving IT and going onto really exciting work again!

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Boys Turned 5 - May 29

This is a long awaited post.  It's been almost a month now since the boys turned five years old.  I can't believe the time has gone by so quickly!!!  I've been so busy lately getting everyone ready for the end of the school year, summer activities, getting a new script for Tommy's epi-pen (he's allergic to bee stings!) and I may have a new job at work that is a promotion, but I'll find out more next week (hopefully!).

I was able to get one good pic of the boys in the morning of their birthday.  They were far too excited to sit still.

We didn't throw a huge party for them this year, as we figure next year we'll be doing a big party with their new Kindergarten class.  However, that doesn't mean we didn't get our crafty on!  I made the boys ice cream cone cupcakes that had sprinkles and a jelly bean on top to make it look like a cherry.  Tom made the boys both a space shuttle and a moon cake as the present theme we had for them was outer space and astronauts.

Phoebe helped the boys with their presents.  And yes, Marcia, you can tell Kendra she still likes to wear her sleeves at least half-way down her hand.

They love to play dress up, so we decided to add really cool astronaut costumes to their collection.  They may be this for Halloween next year if they still fit.  Liam loves the costume the most. I think he'd like to live it in.  With the visor closed too, just like this pic!

They are so happy to be five and be such big boys.  They've finished preschool for the summer break and will be having fun swimming, running around and going to the beach.  It will be time to books again before we know it.  School starts again for all the kids on August 25th.  Phoebe will be in 8th grade and we're happy to say she is moving onto Honors Geometry, which she will get high school credit for!  The boys will be going to Kindergarten at our local Catholic school, as it's full day and they will be on Phoebe's bus to and from school so that is convenient.  I'm so proud of our kids.  They get bigger and smarter every day!

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

June 2014 Goals

  1. One date night per week with DH
  2. Find a YMCA class to do with Phoebe
  3. Work with the children to have less yelling in the house and more cooperation and listening
  4. Plan for summer schedule with kids at grandparents, doctor physicals, dentist appointments, fittings for uniforms, etc.
  1. Have ice maker installed
  2. Update the new annual budget file
  3. Menu plans for week/less takeout in the budget
  1. Develop processes for managing our work
  2. Plan for projects and WRM needs
  3. Clean up inventory of processes we support
  4. Documentation gathering on processes in Livelink
  5. Pursue other role opportunities in the organization
Health and Fitness
  1. Drop 5 – 10 lbs by end of month
  2. Cardio 4-5x per week
  3. Yoga on Monday nights
  4. Try 4 new healthy recipes this month (one per week)
  1. Post on blog at least 4 times a week
  2. Catch up on reading other blogs
  3. Have iPad screen fixed

Monday, June 02, 2014

May Goals Recap

To recap where I ended up with my May goals....


  1. One date night per week with DH  - You bet!
  2. Find a YMCA class to do with Phoebe - Took a yoga class on June 2nd (tonight!).  Believe we will do this every Monday.  Good class!
  3. Plan the boys' birthday part - May 29th they will be 5! -  Done.  Just family on their birthday.  Next year will be a big Kindergarten class mate party!
  4. Try to be more patient with the kids, especially Phoebe (love her - teenagers are trying) - Work in progress some days are better than others. I think I'm getting my patience back after being stressed with school.
  1. Mulch front planting beds
  2. Replace burning bush that died
  3. Plant vegetables in garden - tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, peas, radishes, what else do we want?
  1. Submit for approval for two job requisitions - Full time employee staffing done for now.  Moving on to needing project pool contractors.
  2. Develop strategy/vision for team this year. - Still working on this.  There's a lot I don't know about the IT way of doing things at our company that is different from the business.  This will become a lot clearer this month.
  1. Finish 1 remaining paper for Systems Thinking
  2. Walk at graduation May 17th - relax!!!
Health and Fitness
  1. Cardio 4-5x per week - Only the last week of May did I reach this goal.  I made baby steps throughout the month to settle on cardio in the morning.
  2. Try 4 new healthy recipes this month (one per week) - I didn't really end up tracking this.  I made a bunch of new salad dressings.
  3. Menu plans for week - getting better at this.
Personal - Obviously I need a lot of work in this section!
  1. Post on blog daily
  2. Catch up on reading other blogs
  3. Have iPad screen fixed
  4. Schedule Tom and I for eye doctor appointment
  5. Schedule Tom and I to go to Costa Rica
  6. Decide other vacation plans
Financial - Will be working more in this area in June as well.
  1. Update the new annual budget file
  2. Take some $ out of reserve to pay down one bill