Boys Last Day of Preschool

Summer is here and the school year is over!  The boys had a pajama day for their last day of preschool as they move to another school in August and onto bigger things.  Their teachers also provided a special spaghetti and meatball lunch to celebrate the occasion (the school has us pack lunches normally).  Tears were shed by the teachers and me both.  Miss Laura and Miss Jennie made the boys last two years so special.

Last time in through the school yard gate, sniff...

We're all excited to enjoy the summer here.  Both the boys and Phoebe's energy level was crazy these few days anticipating the end of the school year.  My anticipation is still waiting as I find out if I'll be moving onto a new role at work.  I'm truly ready to jump out of my skin with anticipation.  Please keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for me that I get the final acceptance next week and that this role is everything I want it to be.  Little sneak peak on it - it's on the business side and it's involving Digital and Social Media!!!!!  I'd be leaving IT and going onto really exciting work again!


Queenie said…
I can't believe they're headed to kindergarten! Good luck on the job. It sounds exciting.
Gosh, they're growing up!!!!

Cute pjs - I kept thinking why are they not in WINTER pjs then I remembered it's crazy summer over there.
Mrs FF said…
Hope you got the final acceptance letter?
Praying for you regarding the job that God's will be done and you get the best

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