The Boys Turned 5 - May 29

This is a long awaited post.  It's been almost a month now since the boys turned five years old.  I can't believe the time has gone by so quickly!!!  I've been so busy lately getting everyone ready for the end of the school year, summer activities, getting a new script for Tommy's epi-pen (he's allergic to bee stings!) and I may have a new job at work that is a promotion, but I'll find out more next week (hopefully!).

I was able to get one good pic of the boys in the morning of their birthday.  They were far too excited to sit still.

We didn't throw a huge party for them this year, as we figure next year we'll be doing a big party with their new Kindergarten class.  However, that doesn't mean we didn't get our crafty on!  I made the boys ice cream cone cupcakes that had sprinkles and a jelly bean on top to make it look like a cherry.  Tom made the boys both a space shuttle and a moon cake as the present theme we had for them was outer space and astronauts.

Phoebe helped the boys with their presents.  And yes, Marcia, you can tell Kendra she still likes to wear her sleeves at least half-way down her hand.

They love to play dress up, so we decided to add really cool astronaut costumes to their collection.  They may be this for Halloween next year if they still fit.  Liam loves the costume the most. I think he'd like to live it in.  With the visor closed too, just like this pic!

They are so happy to be five and be such big boys.  They've finished preschool for the summer break and will be having fun swimming, running around and going to the beach.  It will be time to books again before we know it.  School starts again for all the kids on August 25th.  Phoebe will be in 8th grade and we're happy to say she is moving onto Honors Geometry, which she will get high school credit for!  The boys will be going to Kindergarten at our local Catholic school, as it's full day and they will be on Phoebe's bus to and from school so that is convenient.  I'm so proud of our kids.  They get bigger and smarter every day!


Mrs FF said…
Happy 5th birthday! Here's to many more years. Those cakes look yummy. And the outfits remind me of Armag.eddon (the movie)
Happy birthday to my gorgeous SIL and his just-as-gorgeous brother :)

They are SUPER DUPER adorable in their astronaut outfits, Heather, and Tom did a FANTASTIC job on those cakes. I'm in awe!!!


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