June 2014 Goals

  1. One date night per week with DH
  2. Find a YMCA class to do with Phoebe
  3. Work with the children to have less yelling in the house and more cooperation and listening
  4. Plan for summer schedule with kids at grandparents, doctor physicals, dentist appointments, fittings for uniforms, etc.
  1. Have ice maker installed
  2. Update the new annual budget file
  3. Menu plans for week/less takeout in the budget
  1. Develop processes for managing our work
  2. Plan for projects and WRM needs
  3. Clean up inventory of processes we support
  4. Documentation gathering on processes in Livelink
  5. Pursue other role opportunities in the organization
Health and Fitness
  1. Drop 5 – 10 lbs by end of month
  2. Cardio 4-5x per week
  3. Yoga on Monday nights
  4. Try 4 new healthy recipes this month (one per week)
  1. Post on blog at least 4 times a week
  2. Catch up on reading other blogs
  3. Have iPad screen fixed


please let me know when you sort out number 3 under family.... and send your tips our way!!!

when I read the word "processes" I get tight in my tummy - I just never ever want to see a process diagram ever again :)
Good luck with your goals!
Maria Garcia said…
You should be able to do all of those. You can do it. In any case, take care and just make sure to follow up on your condition with the doctors every few years, so that you can totally ascertain that your good health and well being are all set.

Maria Garcia @ Sky Dental Alliance

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