It's Been Awhile

I'm still out here.  I'm currently working on getting my morning setup from "The Miracle Morning".  One of the items is journaling.  I was starting to put it in a notebook, but then realized why should I do that when I have my long neglected blog.

Things at my corporate job are going well.  I've put a lot of time and energy into it and people are seeming to be noticing.  Just yesterday, my manager got some great feedback from someone before I even got off the phone with them.  Glad to see my hard work is paying off on that front.

I really want to spend more time on my Beachbody business though.  I'm in a Dash to Diamond group and I haven't done much with it the past few days as by the end of the work day I'm exhausted and work seems to consume all my day hours.  I need to work on that balance.

I think I'm also tired at the end of the day as I'm trying to get back into working out and being a better runner.  I'm running a 5K in mid-May and I want to be ready for that!  I did get to the elliptical machine this morning and that was awesome!

Next is the kids.  I've been working with the boys on their areas they need:  Tommy on his reading and Liam on his freak out tendencies that seem to happen at school.  Both seem to be going well.  Tommy's reading skills are improving and I think he'll be on target by the end of the school year in June.  Liam had a really good day at school yesterday and let's hope that continues.  I met with his teacher and guidance counselor last week to talk about his perfectionist tendencies that are even more intense than his sister's.  We talked about strategies for helping remind him how to handle situations and reinforcement at home.  Let's hope this helps, as he was starting to say he hated school!  On his sister, that one is tough.  We are in the throws of full teenager-hood.  The need for independence, the tears around difficulties, the anger and silent treatment to the parents.  I really can't wait to have the mood-wheel stay stable when she gets older. In the meantime, I exercise patience and wish our kids understood they didn't come with an owner's manual.  We're all just winging it!


Thanks for popping in! I still have that photo that Tom took of us 4 up, and I look at it when I turn my head slightly to the left when I'm on the computer :)

You're doing a great job - relax :)

PS you need to listen to the personality hacker podcast - there's an episode on our type in January. Just listen - AWESOME!

BIGGGGG hugs to all of you! Tell Phoebe hi :)
cat said…
Gosh I am so not looking forward to the teen years. We are starting to see the littlest bits of it. Best of luck on all the ventures

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