Diet Beta Test - Learning Starts April 24th

I'm about to embark on something amazing!  I signed up for Chalene's Diet Beta Test yesterday.  Our prep week is next week and then we officially start our new way of eating on May 1.  I can't wait to learn more about it, as I've been listening to Chalene's latest podcasts about sleep and diet.  They all make a lot of sense to me as I've been experimenting myself with intermittent fasting, what foods I'm eating and better sleep.  Sounds like this is the perfect solution for me to use her and her experts to help increase my knowledge on how to keep time from taking its toll on me.

Things were getting really tough since September of last year and right before my birthday in March, I decided things had to change.  I've been doing a lot of soul searching, experimenting with different ideas and trying to keep an open mind.  I'll try to update here more often with information on what things I'm trying, recipes I'm cooking and our menu plans and overall how things are progressing.  Starting next week, you'll see some posts around how my meal plan is shaping up under this plan and what my thoughts are around how it will work.

If you want to try this too or find more information about it, click on the link and let me know if you decide to go in too!  (BTW, I'm not affiliated with Chalene Johnson at all.  I'm just one of her lifers!)


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