First thing in the morning yesterday, Tom and I were supporting each other working out together, and I could tell he wasn't in the best mood. We talked and I understood where he was coming from, not being happy exactly with where he was in life right now. I was on the elliptical machine reading my Yoga Journal and feeling a little better myself about acceptance, and we had a short pep talk. About that Happiness is not about being thrilled about where you're at and what you are doing, but accepting yourself and your situation right now.

So taking that thought into my day, I tried to do that as well. I tried to accept that even though it was my day off that I'd get paged 4 times to complete a stupid spreadsheet that my boss wouldn't like the story the content tells, because he'd rather it be further ahead of schedule (Yeah, me too!). I tried to accept any issues that would come out of the sewing of the new quilt for our bed, as Tom and I tried to match up the intricate pattern (It came out great!).

All in all, I think I had a great day yesterday. Today will hopefully be another good day of acceptance. Phoebe has her last Ice Skating class of this session. The next one won't be until 19 March. And the best is that we're having dinner tonight with very old friends of ours. Their expecting their second son any day now, and while I'll admit to jelousy when they first told us after my second failed IVF. I'm truly happy for them now that I know we're finished for this lifetime. We haven't really seen much of these guys in the past few years. We've been friends for many years before, but things just haven't worked out. Schedules and life just seemed to take over. Anyway, it was a surprise call with the last minute question of if we were free tonight, and we were! It's great when things just fall into place sometimes.


Kristin said…
I'm here from Mel's extravaganza...

What a great post. Sometimes, acceptance can be the hardest thing to achieve.

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