Am I A Spring Chicken or Not?

I had an epipheny the other day. As usual when I color my hair a little lighter, when I go home I realize I look a lot like my mom did at my age. Then I realize why I know what my mom looked like at my age .... I was 17 when she was 34. It's hard to believe that if I was my mom, I would have a 17-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son. It took us so long just to get our 4-year old daughter. We were married for almost 6 years before she came along, as opposed to my parents who did the pregnancy first and marriage later.

So I guess I have a habit of fooling myself that time hasn't gone by since I have a small child, but realizing how old I really am... It's a bit of a shocker. Did I mention my birthday is next month (34)? I feel like it's happened already. At least I have a month to get over this feeling and be happy to have my birthday when it happens.

We're going to Kansas City, MO for my birthday. Tom is going on a business trip and I'm going with him for fun. I really can't wait.


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