I Might Become a Believer

I might just start believing in all this "different foods impart different energy" thing of macro-biotics. I've been feeling very scattered in my brain lately. Yesterday afternoon definately very scattered. So this morning, I had a bowl of oatmeal (the 5-minute kind) with walnuts, raisins and some rice milk. I felt so much better, more grounded, just like the books said I would. It's an amazing feeling. BTW, carbs from whole grains are a big part of a macro-biotic diet. Just no processed carbs - white flour, white rice, etc.

I had an ultrasound and some bloodwork this morning at the REs office to time ovulation so we can schedule the endometrial biopsy. I've got something big cooking on the right and even something else starting to look like a contender on the left. And this is on my own! Ovulation has definately never been my problem. So looks like I should ovulate soon. Hope DH doesn't mind a little BDing tonight, LOL!

I really liked the vibe in the REs office today. Most of the employees remember me from when I was there four years ago and we were doing life updates back and forth. Plus I talked to the doctor this morning in passing when I was getting my blood drawn. He asked how I was doing and I said I was pretty bruised up, but doing OK. He joked that I don't have any fat on my stomach to protect myself from bruising during that surgery! I thanked him for the complement. Just goes to prove that no one looks good in low rise jeans. I have a doctor telling me I have very little fat on my belly, but the muffin top I get over my jeans sometimes says otherwise!


Joanne Balconis said…
hi kid glad your ok, i miss you terribly go for it kid and make a baby!!!! love MOM

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