Happy (and Lucky) Chinese New Year!

I will admit to being someone who's not Chinese, but does like to celebrate Chinese New Year. I'm sitting here at work in my Chinese silk jacket, my dark green jade necklace that has a carving on it meaning "Happiness", and my jade earrings - all from Shanghai when DH was there in 2006. Phoebe wore her silk Chinese vest to school today too. I wouldn't let her wear her jade dragon neclace to school though as I'd be afraid she'd lose it and it's very good jewelry.

I also had some really good luck to start off this new year. This morning when I was in my jewelry box looking for my jade necklace, I found the 3-ct pink sapphire ring that I thought I lost six months ago. I couldn't find it anywhere. I was very surprised, because I have very few pieces of really good jewelry, so I am extremely careful with them. It was at the bottom of my jewelry box where I have extra storage for the pieces I keep in boxes, like my jade necklace. How lucky is it to find that!!!!

On the bad side, I've been sick the past three days and can't seem to shake it. I've gone to bed early the past two nights, drank ginger tea and put drops of oregano oil in my orange juice, but nothing is seeming to shake this. My ear hurts today a little and I know I have a fever of 101, but I'm on vacation next week and have to get some stuff done at work. I'll try to get more sleep tonight and keep drinking my tea. Hopefully, I can get better in time to get through packing for vacation!!!! I'm so excited!!!! BTW, this will be Phoebe's first plane ride!


Lauren said…
I hope you feel better. I really hope it is not what I had.

Also have a great vacation. I am very jealous! :-)
Lynda said…
Happy Chinese New Year to you too!

Have fun on your trip & get well soon!
The ring and your jade jewelry sound so beautiful. I am glad that you relocated the ring.

I hope you feel better soon so that you can enjoy Disney!

Crystal said…
That's great news you found the ring! What a welcome relief!

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