I could tell I was still in a lot of pain when I wrote my last post, just by reading it. Things are going OK. I'm back at work today. I still had a bit of shoulder pain for most of the morning, but it's starting to dissapate. Now, I'm just mostly suffering with my bruised up belly.

It feels good to be back at work. I got a lot accomplished just this morning. I have to run in a few minutes to pick up a cup of green tea to help me through a big department quarterly meeting.

I have been very good with the macrobiotic-type diet so far. No coffee, just one cup of green tea a day. It's pretty much vegan, although I can have fish once or twice a week. You'd think that it would close off a lot of eating possibilities, but I think because of the big ouch I've just been through, I'm taking it a lot differently this time. I'll post more about what things I've been eating and what's working.


Alli said…
Good for you on the macrobiotic diet! I am curious to hear how it goes for you. Let me know if you find it difficult - I am very interested.

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