I Have Two Eggs

According to the ultrasounds on Wednesday and then today, I officially ovulated two eggs on my own this month! One from each side and they are now making their way down my tubes. May they please meet up with DH's product of waking me in the middle of the night on Wednesday, LOL!

Phoebe had to come to the RE's office with us this morning, because her school was closed for a Teacher's Inservice. She's seven years old now, so there was a little "Birds and Bees" lesson involved in this visit. After the ultrasound tech left saying that it was definately two eggs that released, Phoebe and I had an interesting conversation.

Phoebe: "We're going to have two babies?"
Me: "No honey, it takes a lot more than mommy having an egg released to make a baby. It has to join with a sperm in order to make a baby."
P: "Where does the sperm come from."
Me: "From a daddy."
P: "How does that happen?"
Me: "Well, the mommy and daddy have to have sex. But we'll talk more about that when you're older."
P: "Like all that kissing."
Me: "Yes and a little more."

And then we talked about it has to do more than meet a sperm, but has to land at a good spot inside the mommy and actually start to grow, and that's up to chance a lot too. We had a great picture on the back of the door too, to show her where a baby grows inside a mommy. It was interesting.

BTW, this is not to discredit anyone that is trying to have a baby through insemination. Obviously that doesn't require sex. But I'm giving her the basics here. She's an IUI baby too, but that's a more advanced Birds and Bees conversation.

So I'm scheduled to have a pregnancy test on 3/11 at the doctor's office and if I'm not pregnant they'll do an endometrial biopsy. Keeping my fingers crossed. Having twins without having to really start injectibles would be a wonderful thing!


Wonderful news Heather. Hoping this month brings forth a sibling (or two)... :-) for Phoebe... and you can skip the endometrial biopsy.

Anonymous said…
Thanks for leaving me a comment!!! And good luck on the 11th, I hope you get a big BFP!!!
Shalini said…
Great news! I hope that it all works out!
Rumour Miller said…
My fingers are crossed for you.

What a great way to handle the birds and the bees talk...
Tracers said…
Good vibes are flying your way! Thanks for the suggestion. We are going to Barrels on the Brandywine today (drown my sorrows).

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