Odd Dream Predictions?

So my closest friend told me yesterday about a dream her mother had about me. Yes, her mother, who I've only met a few times, had a dream about me. Her dream was that I had a son and I was mad at her for giving him a butterscotch krimpet (this is a cupcake by a fabulous company called Tastycake!). Of course, considering I don't have a son and I'm trying to get pregnant, my friend had to tell me about this dream.

Very odd, isn't it?

It was also very odd that the Patriots lost yesterday. It was a good game to watch, nail biting down to the last few seconds, but I'm heartbroken. It was almost a "Philly-team choke", which is what I'm used to. Maybe being a Philly fan, I'm not allowed to be rooting for a team in the Super Bowl. It seems to doom whatever team I like.


Lauren said…
I'm sorry but I had to be rooting for the Giants and I am glad they won. Not that I truly deeply cared. :-)
SaraS-P said…
As much as I don't believe in dreams as actual predictions, it would still be amazing if the dream appeared predictive in hindsight!

My aunt, a tarot card reader, has been predicting a baby in my future for 7 years (I never ask for the readings, but she insists)... surely some day she'll be proven right!
Alli said…
I also rooted for the Giants just because that's my husband's favorite team - and he says that HE usually jinxes the team he roots for! :)
Loren said…
thank you so much for getting misty eyed on behalf of our bean!! every good thought sent our way counts. :)
Lynda said…
Hope it is a dream come true for you!

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