PG - 10 Weeks 5 Days - Happy New Year!!!

I actually came into the office today to get a head start on the work that needs to get done next week, but mostly since my brakes needed to be done and the car dealer is up the street from my office.

We're going up to the Poconos to see my family for the holidays. My mom is a nurse and worked most of the time over the holidays, so there was no point in going up earlier. Can't wait to show everyone the photo album of my ultrasound pics. Next Monday is my last ultrasound appointment with the RE. The following Monday I have the nuchal translucency test in the morning at Maternal Fetal Medicine at the hospital. Then I have my first appointment with the OB office in the afternoon. It's only with the nurse practictioner. Not sure when the next appointment will be after that. I think I should be expecting to have another ultrasound around 18 weeks.

Other than that, the holidays were nice. I'm glad they are over, but it was nice to be off while it lasted. I just wish I didn't get this nasal cold that I seem to be fighting off the last week. I'm not sure if it's the pregnancy or the cold that is making me want to sleep so much. I had one day this week that I kept taking little catnaps, but they weren't refreshing. I felt like a walking zombie all day. I slept 11 hours that night and felt much better the next morning. I can't wait for the 2nd trimester, so I can be a bit more alert.

BTW, Leo did ask me if I had any new year's resolutions this year. I told him the only one I had was to deliver two healthy babies. Sounds reasonable to me. Everything after that is icing on the cake.


Mimi said…
That is a great resolution!!! I can not believe you are almost 11 weeks already!! Amazing!

Martha said…
That's a wonderful New Year's resolution! Best to you and the family.
serenity said…
OMIGOODNESS I can't believe it's been so long since I've read your blog. I must have missed making sure you have a good link on my bloglines...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so excited for you. Twins! EEEE!

And your new year resolution? Sounds like a great one to me.

Happy holidays, Heather... and congratulations again.

Jill said…
Yes-great resolution! Hope you have lots of wonderful things in store for you in 2009!

So glad things are going well for you, Heather. Hope everything continues to look great at your next u/s. Wow and your NT scan is right around the corner. Yippee!
I think your resolution is perfect! Wishing you the best at your appt. Can't wait to see pics!!! :)
CTagsGirl said…
Fantastic resolution! :) I think I may have to follow your lead and set the same goal for myself. (Other than the whole twins thing!) Can't wait to see an US pic. Looking at the precious little babes never gets old.

Hope you feel better soon! Being pregnant and stuffy nose/nasal issues are no fun! Take care. *hugs*
Just Me. said…
I am loving your New Year's resolutions. Me too. I made the same resolution this year.
docgrumbles said…
yes, I too am hoping for 2 healthy babies for you in 2009!
MamaSoon said…
Happy new year, Heather! You are speeding along and it looks like everything is going swimmingly. :-) Well deserved.

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