PG - 11 Weeks 1 Day - Another Great Ultrasound

Today was my last ultrasound at the RE's office as I'm officially transferred to my OB next Monday. Today's ultrasound went great! Both heartrates were 163 and one measured at 12 weeks exactly and the other was curled up a little and even with that he was measuring 11 weeks 4 days. They were also moving all over the place. Everytime the ultrasound tech was trying to get a heartrate reading, they'd move and she'd have to start over again. We also got to see the RE today. I hugged him twice. He's awesome! Anyone in the Delaware area that needs to see a specialist, drop me an email. I've known my doctor for around 10 years and his practice is awesome. I've never felt like a number. He also mentioned that they are starting a mentoring program for new patients and wanted to know if I would mind participating. I told him of course I would and mentioned for the first time to him that I have an infertily blog and our whole story has been out here on the 'nets for all to see. I don't mind talking face-to-face. And heaven knows, I've been through everything. I think the only drug I haven't been on is Chlomid.

Next Monday, I have the nuchal translucency test at Maternal Fetal Medicine at the hospital in the morning and then I meet with the nurse practitioner at my OB's office in the afternoon.

But I'll also will get a bonus ultrasound the following Monday, 1/19/08, as the lady who does the ultrasounds at the RE's office is getting certified to do the nuchal translucency test and she wanted to know if I could come in that day as one of her test runs and that it's no cost to me or our insurance. Woo hoo! I know that will help as I'll be going through ultrasound withdrawl at some point. I can't wait to start feeling these "little people", as Phoebe calls them. Then I'll be able to know about all the moving around they are doing without the ultrasound telling me.


Martha said…
What wonderful news, Congratulations on your graduation to the OB. You are a wonderful mentor. I learn so much from you, Heather.
Awesome news! You'd totally make a wonderful mentor. That rocks.
Billie said…
Heather, I'm so happy for you. Everytime I read your blog I just smile.
nancy said…
holy mother of god. Your music just scard the ever living bejeezus out of me.

Congrats on the good u/s and the 2 bonus ones coming up!
On My Mind 24/7 said…
I hear ya bout u/s withdrawl! We had many in the beginning, the last one one at 13 weeks and had to go all the way till 18 weeks for this one! Glad they are still doing great. That is wonderful you will be a mentor!
Congratulations on another great ultrasound!
YAY! That's great news and it is all so exciting! :) And lucky you with the extra u/s...I definitely went through withdrawal with Lemy. We had our last u/s at 26 weeks, so by the time she was born I was desperate to see her.
Mimi said…
Woo hoo on the great u/s. Your babies are growing so quickly!!! You RE sounds awesome!! I love my RE too. She is amazing!!

Jill said…
Oh, so jealous of your free u/s! I know exactly what you mean with the u/s withdrawals-I'm obviously in one right now!

Congrats on your graduation to the OB and a great u/s. Fwiw, I think you'd be a great mentor!
Michelle Smiles said…
Congrats! So glad things are going great for you!

I had horrible u/s withdrawal. I had one weekly for the first 16 weeks and then switched to a non-insane OB who dialed it back to monthly for awhile. I hated not getting the reassurance every week. Even when I could feel her, I was sure she wasn't moving enough or too much - I drove myself nuts! But it was nice not to have to go to the doc so often.
Chelsi said…
That is amazing news, Heather! So happy to hear that. You had left a comment on my blog about wanting the password but I don't have your email. Can you email me at and I'll send you the password once we switch over.
Lisa said…
Heather - I just found you from Busted's blog - so happy for you.
I see that you liked Sookie too - you should check out Carrie Vaughn's Kitty series - it was awesome - however, warning - I did just finish the silver bullet book and there is pregnancy loss in that book.

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