PG - 13 Weeks 4 Days - The Roller and the Kicker

It's been official since about Tuesday of this week, not only do I definitely feel the babies moving, but I can tell which is which. Baby A is on my right side of my abdomen and he/she is the Kicker. Baby B is on my left side and he/she is the Roller. I confirmed this on Monday's last ultrasound before the 5 week withdrawl now commences. I don't have another ultrasound scheduled until 2/23/09, which is the 18 week appointment. Hopefully they will both cooperate and let us know if we'll get to reuse our girl clothes (and girl's figure skates!) and if we'll need to buy any boy's clothes.

So it's been fun as I sit down in meetings or on the computer or as we watch TV at night to feel the little - kick kick kick - and then - roll, roll, roll.

I'm off to get a snack before I have to take Phoebe to ice skating practice. Hopefully today she'll get her routine for the ice skating exhibition she agreed to do in March.


Mermaid said…
Wow - you're feeling those babies really early! Congratulations! I don't think I can feel anything. Maybe they are too busy kicking each other.
Tara R. said…
I can remember exactly what I was doing when I first felt each of my children start kicking. It was the coolest thing... EVER! So exciting! Congrats!
sky girl said…
I love the rolling and kicking at that stage. It's the best thing about pregnancy.
Martha said…
It sounds like a gymnastics meet in there, how wonderful. I'm glad all is well, thanks for the update.
Kirsten said…
That is so cool! I didn't feel the girls until 17 weeks or so, but I had no idea what I was "feeling" for since it was my first pregnancy so it probably really was earlier and I just didn't know it...knowing more about what to expect and being able to tell what different feelings are is one of the things I am looking forward to if we decide to try for #3!
So glad they are both moving and grooving along!!
Jill said…
Wow-is this early to be feeling kicks? Those kids ARE active. I'm glad they are both doing so well!! Congrats on those rolls and kicks!!!
Tracy said…
I'm impressed you're feeling them so early! I didn't feel mine until closer to 18 weeks.

Glad they are so active...makes it fun. :)
Loren said…
Wow, that is super early! I guess with twins there is a whole lot less room in there!!!
Congrats, because that is the greatest feeling in the world. And times two, for you!
(I'm secretly hoping for one of each for you..) :)
Anna said…
Congrats on 13 weeks!
How wonderful to be able to feel movements this early and better yet, to be able to distinguish which baby is moving :o)

Wishing you all the best mama,
Michelle Smiles said…
That is so exciting!

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