PG - 11 Weeks 4 Days - The Next Phase

I am now entering what I'm lovingly referring to as the "Oh, Shit!" phase of pregnancy. As in, "Oh Shit, I have an eight-year-old wonderful girl who is totally self-sufficient and I'm about to go back to not just diapers but diapers x2!" Don't count me entirely ungrateful. I'm totally excited about this pregnancy. We worked so hard for it. But I have to admit that it always scared me a little of what if it works? What are we signing ourselves up for? How can I love anyone else as much as I love my daughter I have now, who is just the coolest kid around? How are we going to pay for college for two more children? How much more energy am I going to need to keep up with Phoebe's ice skating schedule (which we won't cut back on - she's doing so well with it) and take care of two babies?

Granted, I know this is going to be awesome for our whole family. I can't wait until my DH gets his wish of having lots of kids jumping into our bed on Christmas morning trying to get us up to open presents. He's never put pressure on me, but we've discussed that he loves when we have our friends' children sleepover because between them and Phoebe all waking us up on Saturday morning, it reminded him of his childhood when there were lots of them jumping into his parents bed in the morning(he's one of 8 children). And I know now that Christmas is over, Phoebe is extremely excited about the babies. The first day back to school after the holidays, she told a ton of people at school about the two babies that her mommy was having, "I told my teacher, and we told the whole class together, and then I told the cafeteria ladies, and the lady that runs the cafeteria, and my gym teacher, and the aides at recess!" Picture all this said really fast and excited by an eight-year-old girl. Too precious.


Martha said…
Really precious images of Phoebe and kids jumping all over you and Dh. The "Oh $hi+ phase" of pregnancy, I love it! It will be great!
Mermaid said…
I can't compare to a singleton pregnancy, but the mere fact of having twins alone has put me in an Oh Shit! mode. Diapers, daycare, school, braces, driving, college -- two at the same time!

I'm so happy that Phoebe is so excited about her siblings! And, I love that name...that is my sister's cat's name. I can't wait to hear the next two you pick out.
Anna said…
Awww... from the simulation, the twins are now looking like little people...:o)
So fantastic that your daughter is excited about her siblings.
I can only imagine that now that Phoebe is independent it might be somewhat intimidating to think you're restarting this journey all over again, and this time with two.
They were a long time in the making... You'll be just as great!!

Many good wishes to you and the family.

Liz said…
Phoebe sounds like such a little sweetheart!
Tracy said…
The whole college thing keeps me up at night, too. But we'll work it out...and so will you. Your daughter sounds adorable.
Heather said…
But in a year from now we will be reading the post about how you can't imagine life without them. You ROCK as a mother, I'm sure you will be great with twins.
Loren said…
No guilt allowed for those "holy crap" feelings! Twins are awesome, but I know I would start freaking out a little. Especially when you've had one and know how much work those little cuties are. Times two?! Commence freakout.
You will love it, I'm sure. You'll do great. You're ready for this! And you have an awesome eight year old to help you change diapers and grab you a snack and some water. Awesome. I wish I had an eight year old around!

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