PG - 12 Weeks 1 Day - Bad Saturday

I had a real freak-out on Saturday and for family that reads this, sorry we didn't call, but we wanted to keep it to ourselves until we found out what was going on and wanted to try to stay as calm as possible until then. I was having a good time starting to clean on Saturday and Leo was taking down Christmas decorations with Phoebe. I went down to help Leo a little put some lights in boxes and when I stopped to go to the bathroom, there was a small amount of bright red in the toilet. I haven't even thought to do the TP check for weeks now. I never had anything like this happen with Phoebe. I haven't seen my OB's office yet, so my first thought was to get off my feet and call the reproductive specialist. I knew the OB would just send me to the ER, and that wouldn't help not to have someone I know see me.

I must admit my RE is awesome! I called their number to write down the off-hours phone numbers and they had one to contact the doctor. I figured it was an answering service, but when I called it, I had the good doctor answer directly!!!!! He told me to stay off my feet and call him in a few hours, since I was just spotting and not bleeding badly. A few hours later it was still the same. He told me to stay on bedrest for the rest of the day and to come in for an ultrasound Sunday at 8 AM. By Saturday night the blood was going from the bright red it was to brown, so I knew things were getting better - whatever it was. I was so nervous yesterday morning, but as we peeked at the babes with the doctor, they were doing great! Their placentas were in a good place and he saw no separation issues from the uterus. He also checked my cervix, as I am a little nervous to have an incompetent cervix issue like my mother's sister, but he checked and said it was perfectly closed. His theory is that as the placentas were burying themselves in the uterus that they hit some kind of a blood vessel and caused some bleeding. So kind of like an implantation spotting.

The other great thing is that he said even after I start seeing my OB, if I have any of these issues, to call him right away and he'll see me to see what's going on, instead of going to the ER. Is that awesome or what!!! He's really such a fabulous doctor, and I'm so happy to have him on our team for these babies!!!


MizFit said…
sorry about the scare but glad all is well.

On My Mind 24/7 said…
Wow-what a great doctor. So glad everything is ok with you and the twins. I had the same scary bleeding around 12 weeks too, no specific reason found. Just take it easy!
sky girl said…
What a relief.
Billie said…
What a scare. I'm so glad that you could see someone you know instead of going to the ER.
Tracy said…
That is scary! I don't know if you were reading my blog at the time, but I started bleeding around 12 weeks and bled all the way to 19 weeks. It was VERY scary, but you know how it all ended. All is wonderful!

battynurse said…
Sorry about the scare but I'm so glad that all was well. Your doctor does sound like a fantastic doctor.
Martha said…
How scary, you poor thing, Gosh, I'm so happy all is well with the babies. What a great doc you've go there!
Anonymous said…
Sorry for your scare. Just take
it easy and all will be well! Love Mom
Just Me. said…
whoa, what a scare! But a great doctor always helps!

Hope you're doing ok today.

Anna said…
*Huge sigh of relief*
So glad that it was nothing serious, and way to go RE for being there personally to help alleviate your fears.

I thank God everything is well.
Stay rested, and best wishes.

Miss Mac said…
Glad everything is ok & sounds like you're in good hands! Take Care!!!
Mimi said…
Oh thank the Lord!!!! I am so glad you are ok. What agreat RE!!!

Yikes! I'm so glad to hear that all is well now! :) ((HUGS))

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