Tommy and Liam in Their New Stroller

I'm working on staying positive these days. It's hard when everyone at work is negative and then when I get home people are negative. I'm not going to let it get to me. If I have to be that beacon of hope and happiness that will be me, d@mn it!

Anyway, I also need to get more pics and videos of the boys. Liam did start creeping along on his belly, sort of commando crawling, on Friday night. It took a lot, I had to get Tommy to leave the toy alone that I was trying to have Liam get. Tommy is always taking whatever toy Liam has or is interested in. So I kept Tommy away and Liam got the toy that I was putting just out of reach in front of him. Yeah!!!! And now he's doing it all over the place. Between that and rolling Liam can now cover the whole living room.

Here's a pic of the boys in their new stroller. Next step in June is to get the regular car seats and get them out of the infant ones. I still have to research which ones we want. And yes, I can't keep them in socks. Tommy takes them off and then he takes off Liam's. If it was getting into the colder months I'd have to get them shoes to keep their socks on, but since it's Spring I won't bother. They are fine going without socks on as it's getting warm.


Marcelle said…
I bought my Son and DIL one of those...for their two boys, not twins but close in age...I loved walking them both to the park..made live much easier.
Queenie. . . said…
They are just so cute.

I can't keep socks on Miss M, either. It's maddening, as it's still pretty cold here. I just found a pair of little ankle socks, like a miniature version of the adult kind that I wear running, and those DO stay on. Unfortunately, I cut the tags off and washed them before she wore them, and now I can't remember where they came from! I only have one pair, so I'm going to need to figure out where we got them.
Anonymous said…
Yup, the socks come off constantly. I find those "robeez" shoes stay on pretty well. BTW, I have one of your bibs. You're doing a great job of staying positive in a negative work environment. My suggestion? Just keep thinking of the positive things to look forward to. Everyone needs something to look forward to. For example, the beer fest that is approaching (he he, self plug).
Deanna said…
Yay for big boys! I actually think it's really fun now that my girls are's fun to watch them together. Glad the stroller is a winner!

I'm so glad it's spring and my girls can go barefoot again. They don't keep socks on either, so they wore footed sleepers most of the winter. I just love bare baby feet!! : )
Martha said…
The boys look so beautiful in their nice new stoller. I could never keep socks on our boys either!
Sending you positive vibes re.the negativity. I deal with that and my mantra has become, There but for the Grace of God/dess go I ...
Leigh said…
Heather, your boys have got soooo tall! THey are GORGEOUS - always and what cute little feet.

Mine try to take their socks off but I strap them in with shoes - it is COLD here and I can't have :)

You keep on keeping on!
On My Mind 24/7 said…
I used to have the same problem with socks, so I searched online for reviews. I bought socks from Walmart-I think they were Faded Glory brand. They are white and have a grey toe and heel area-and they have NEVER been kicked off! I will just keep buying more in bigger sizes as she grows!
Piccinigirl said…
I wasn't able to keep socks on my kiddos at that age...and I still can't on Gio. LOL
Gio still wants EVERYTHING Jacob has even when you ask him first. :) so see none of it will change,they just get bigger and cuter.

They look adorable and I can see that they are growing nicely.

Keep that POSITIVE attitude, it's not always easy, but it's worth it...for your own sanity!

Anonymous said…
Awww, they'll be walking soon!!

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