Close Up Baby Pics - with Teeth!!!

I was playing with some really close up photos of the boys and other than the little dots you can see on their skin, I think they are great! Here's Liam - elfin goodness! He has six teeth now, but you can only see the bottom two

Tommy also has teeth now. The bottom two, which you can see here and the top two are working their way out. My latest nickname for him is Wild Thing.

I'll have some other updates later today. I have to pick up Liam's xrays today so we can take them to the orthopedist on 4/15. He may have hip dysplasia.


Piccinigirl said…
oh my goodness, they are getting so big and those eyes, wow those two are heartbreakers!!!!

Love the pics (and the teeth!!)
sky girl said…
Awesome shots! You should frame them.
Heather said…
Thanks, Sky Girl! I didn't even think of that. And now that I look at them with that in mind, you are so right. And they aren't wearing anything but plain white onesies, so it's not distracting by what they are wearing.
Queenie. . . said…
Those are GREAT photos!

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