MS Walk Information

So I'm going to be shameless at the last minute. I'm walking in the MS Walk this weekend on fellow blogger friend's team. Please donate generously!!! I know three people with MS, so when Merlot asked me, I said yes! Here's the link to my page on the team!

Thank you!!!!

BTW, my days are numbered. Tommy learned to both sit up on his own and pull himself to stand on the same day!!!! He keeps pulling himself up in his crib over and over again at bedtime tonight. We went back in to get him to sit down three times. Oh my! I'll get pictures of Tommy standing I promise.


Anonymous said…
It's make you feel good ;-). Only 3$ goes to administrative costs. The rest goes to research and to help those with MS. BTW, our team has raised 1,300. I can't believe it!!
Leigh said…
your days are indeed numbered :)

now that Kendra's EVERYWHERE (crawling) I am in NO HURRY for Connor to start - I am going to be THIN running after the two of them
Martha said…
I am so proud of you, just finished my donation for the MS walk in honor of our nephew. Thanks so much, Heather!!!
Heather said…
Thank you, Martha!!!!

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