Busy, Busy - Orthopedist for Liam and Stroller News

Wow! Things have been crazy around here. I am so behind on everyone's blogs and I haven't posted in awhile.

First off, we're all still getting over a cold. All of us: Leo, the boys, Phoebe, Niki. Lots of nose blowing and coughing. I have a humidifier on in the boys room and it helps keep their cough loose.

Last Thursday, we had an appointment for Liam with the orthopedist to look for any signs of hip dysplasia that might impact his not wanting to crawl yet. There was good news and more good news. Good news #1 - no signs of hip dysplasia. Good news #2 - the orthopedist wants to see him in three months to follow up on how his torticolis is doing (a tight neck muscle - he holds his head tilted to the left). It's so nice to have that follow up with a specialist on that and that Liam was acting very much himself for the doctor. Meaning that Liam's fine if you touch his legs or his hips, but start touching his hands, arms, neck or head and he'll freak out. He did it for the doctor, so it was nice for us to have a specialist in the movement of body parts to see he hates to have those parts of his body controled or touched. So we go back July 15th to see that doctor.

We did get the stroller. I have to upload the pics in the computer. I love it! We did get the Maclaren Twin Techno and it's fabulous!

Last but not least, I'm excited about this weekend. I'm going to do an MS Walk on my friend's team. I'll post my link later to ask for donations, because if anyone of you might even possibly donate to our team that would be great!

Anyway, I have to run to a meeting at work, so I'll be back soon!


Martha said…
My sister loved her MacClaran stroller, they are built to last for sure!! Best Wishes for Liam.
Suzanne said…
Hey! Great news for Liam! We have jsut started going to an OT for torticollis for Zane. He tilts his head to the left as well! He also does not like us touching his neck much. We have exercises that we are doing at home.

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