Looking Forward to Dinner

We've been having some really hot weather around here lately and it's created havoc with my menu planning. I could eat salad 24/7, but the boys can't live on rabbit food alone, so I bought a new cookbook, Giada at Home and I'm loving it! Tonite we're going to have "Pasta Ponza" on page 85. The boys love pasta dishes, so hopefully everyone will be happy. We'll also be having a big salad to make Mommy happy.

I especially do need something to make me happy as we all drove DH to the airport last night. He's in Dallas, TX first and then Los Angeles, CA and I'll be picking him up from the airport on Thursday evening. I hate it when he's out of town. I don't sleep well and things are more hectic because he really does pull his weight around the house, straightening things up, asking if I need any help, reminding me of things I haven't added to our to-do list yet and getting Phoebe to activities. Of course I also just miss having him around.

I'll be posting some pics of the boys tonight. I just need to get around to cleaning out the pics on the digital cameras. I make cameras plural as Phoebe has one as well as our main one.


Deanna said…
Do you know my crazy little girls will not touch pasta? No mac and cheese, nothing! I hope this changes eventually, as I can't imagine fixing dinner every night without the convenience of pasta every once in awhile. Enjoy your dinner! : )

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