Very Busy - Gearing Up For Vacation!!!

We've been very busy around these parts lately. In a really really good way. Work is keeping me busy as I have 4 mid-year reviews to finish writing (I finished them staying at work late tonight! Go me!), several hot projects at work going live before the end of the month and a committee to improve employee satisfaction with some deliverables needed from me over the past few weeks and will continue until the end of this week.

But the great part of all this is that next week, we are taking a whole week family vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I am so so so happy!!! We have not had a week off for a family vacation in about 5 years. We've had long weekends and we did have that great business trip my DH had to Disney that we tacked on three days mid-week for us and our daughter, but it's never been a whole week of us devoted to relaxing, spending time together and chilling out as a family. I CAN'T WAIT!

There is lots to do in the evening then to gear up for vacation. Packing lists to make, planning to do, ensuring the laundry is done, house is roughly clean for when we come back the following week and want to crash, a few things to buy (we're considering buying the forward-facing car seats before we go. Tommy's head is touching the top of the current infant carrier) and figuring out how we are going to fit 3 adults, 1 child the size of a small adult and 2 babies in our SUV with all our stuff. Good times, indeed.

DH and I were already talking this morning about how this week early on Monday morning, we should get up before the boys (Phoebe will sleep in forever if we let her these days), have a cup of coffee on the back deck of the house and congratulate ourselves at a week away from work. I'm looking forward to busy days playing with the kids in the sand of the beach, nice walks with the stroller and hubby in the evenings, and putting the boys in bed at their usual 7 PM time hanging with Phoebe, our friends that we're sharing the house with, a hot tub and a cocktail in our hands.

I have some recent pics to download and post of the boys in our friends' pool. They really do love playing in the water while they float about. I'll find time to post them soon. The garden is also doing amazing this year. We've finally gotten our first tomatoes, have been enjoying the lettuce, zucchini for awhile, and the sugar snap peas are done until the fall again. I'm about to eat my dinner late tonight. I'm having an individual pizza with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and olives. Yum!


you sound VERY busy! And yay to finishing those reports :)

And your pizza sounds delish - I haven't made home-made pizza for MONTHS

Can't wait to see your beach pics with your gorgeous children!
Mermaid said…
We're right there with you. We just bought Nicholas his big boy car seat because he was too tall for his carrier. He's heavy and old enough to face forward, but I have reservations. However, the seat is too big to face backwards (covers my blind spot and is hard to put him in). For our vacation, we found a car top carrier on craigslist. We'll put the stroller and pack-n-play, etc up there. Hopefully, we'll have room for it all. We leave in two weeks. Have a great trip!
On My Mind 24/7 said…
Have you thought about leaving the boys rear-facing a bit longer? They are 5 times safer rear-facing than forward facing! We are keeping Harlee rear facing in her convertible until she reaches 35lbs, the rear-facing limit on her seat, then it goes to 65 in a five point harness forward facing. If you would like I can send you some more information :)
Lauren said…
Have a great vacation!!
cat said…
Enjoy your holiday!
Blogging Mom said…
Wow! You really deserve that vacation. I am sure the entire family is going to have a blast. Don't think of the to do list while vacationing. Enjoy and shut them all away!
April said…
omg. enjoy your vacation!! can't wait to see pictures.
Martha (MM) said…
Sounds like busy times but with a wonderful reward on the way! Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by TMS, hope you'll be a regular with us :-)
Martha said…
Best Wishes for a wonderful vacation and good luck getting all that stuff and people in your car, wow, it's like moving the troops!
I am so glad all is wonderful for you all.

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