Boys Have Been Sick and Snow and Now Ice!

Hi all - Last week was the week from hell. Both the boys were sick. Turns out it's RSV, but Tommy got the worst of it. The pediatrician even sent us to the local children's hospital ER for a chest XRay to rule out pneumonia and they did the RSV test, which came back positive. Then two days later, he was officially diagnosed with an ear infection. This is the third ear infection in the past three months!!! Thankfully, our pediatrician is really good and she's keeping track of that. She wants to see him in 6-8 weeks if we don't see her sooner with another ear infection. The worst part is that Tommy was so lethargic. It's so hard to see my rough and tumble boy just want to lie on someone and watch his little brother play.

And the weather!!! Snow, snow, snow! It looks like last year did with the huge piles of snow on the sides of the streets in our neighborhood. Phoebe only had 1 full day of school last week! Monday and then a 2 hour delay on Friday. Other than that, she was off school. Poor kid was bored.

Now this week seems to be the week of ice storms. Phoebe's school is closed again today due to the icy rain. I'm working from home and DH is in Dallas, TX for work until Friday night. And I'm definitely not going to try to take Phoebe to ice skating class tonight as the icy rain is supposed to keep going all day and night. Fun times!


Mandy said…
This ice is too much! DH was home for most of last week too. I am ready for things to get back to normal. I hope the boys are on the mend!
Anonymous said…
This weather has been SO annoying!!!!!!!!!!

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