Meal Plan Week of 1/30/2011

I've actually been working on our meal plans lately, even though I haven't been posting them. I have one from last week in my Control Journal and I just finished the one I'm going to post on my calendar for this week. I'm starting to get into a routine of going to the grocery store Sunday after church. The past two weeks I've just made sure I had meals I could do from what I was getting at the store and then I worked the meal plan on paper later. Here's this week - Sunday and Monday are over, but they were good. Plus, I know what I'm doing with the leftovers from Monday - Friday's dinner! Some of these recipes are from Leanne Ely's book "Saving Dinner the Low Carb Way". There are some carb options in it that sometimes I choose, so it is a good cookbook for beginner meal planning. And I am definitely a beginner

Slider cheeseburgers
Tray of homemade macaroni & cheese
steamed green beans & baby carrots

Pepper Stuffed Herb Chicken (p 67 Leanne)
Brown Rice
Cauliflower & cheese sauce (frozen Green Giant)

Hot dogs
Macaroni & cheese leftover from Sunday
Steamed green beans and carrots leftover from Sunday

Turkey Divan (p 71 Leanne) using leftover frozen turkey
Mashed faux-tay-toes
Sugar Snap Peas

Pork Chops Divan (p 68 Leanne)
mashed rutabega
garlicky sauteed spinach

Chicken fajitas (leftover chicken from Monday night)
leftover brown rice
black beans, salsa, shredded cheese, guacamole

not sure - maybe leftovers or takeout


sorry that Tommy's sick!

Good going on the meals, Heather - I keep forgetting to post mine too but I'm getting better and look, today I even put two recipes :)

P.S> My word verification is dishies :)
conigoldman said…
OK me for a Tuesday dinner!! Can you come plan my families meals for the week? Please? Pretty Please???
Anonymous said…
yum! those look awesome. i have to get back in the habit of doing these, too. i've never posted them before, but it's so much easier to just know what you're going to cook rather than trying to figure it out last minute, you know?
Anonymous said…
GREAT job!

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