Eat - Pray - Love

One of the things I wanted to post about was my thoughts as I recently read "Eat Pray Love". I thought it was a fantastic book and I passed it along to my favorite sister-in-law. I don't think she'll see all the things I saw in it though.

I read the book in one week of February and I specifically bought it as DH and I flew to Niagara Falls for a weekend away from the kids. I love to have a book to read when I'm on a plane, so I picked this up at Harvest Market, my favorite natural food store. Their book selections are so good, I think they are sick of me telling them that.

I read all about Italy while we flew to Niagara Falls and it was a pretty light read. Nothing deep, just light-hearted fun and lots of good-sounding food. On the flight back, I was reading India and I had the funniest comment from the airline stewardess, but I could understand where she was coming from. She wanted to know if I liked the book. She said she had started reading it, but stopped in India as she was having a hard time with that section. I didn't tell her, but I knew what she meant. I think it might be too deep for people that haven't spent time looking into their soul for what motivates or drives them and worked on their self-discipline. From my perspective, I think my searching during infertility was my India section. The yoga classes, the acupuncturist, taking Chinese herbs, studying macrobiotics, going to a chiropractor. These would be all the soul-searching I did to perfect my body to house life, not just get over a divorce or deal with lifelong depression. Although boy did it help fight the depression that could come over me.

The other part that really said something to me was when her friend from Texas tells her she's a control freak and she never realized that. I've always known I was a control freak. Never really needed anyone to tell me that. But I was talking with DH after I read that, that I think I've gotten better about that. Ever since I found out I was expecting twins, I knew I needed to relax a lot about controlling eveything. I've become much more "go with the flow". DH agreed, which was good. I was hoping I wasn't fooling myself.

The last section, I loved. It was a perfect wrap-up of everything happening for a reason and that you need to give things time to heal, form, become complete. Everyting happens in it's own time and when the time is right.

Have you read anything recently that really spoke to you? Have you read this book and had different thoughts when you read it?


I also didn't enjoy the India bit but the rest of it was good.

I mainly liked it because of the beautiful writing... :)
Queenie. . . said…
I read the book when it first came out, before it was big, and I loved it. Then she started doing the publicity, and I kind of didn't like her. Then I recently read her newest book, Committed, and now I definitely don't like her. It's kind of ruined Eat, Pray, Love for me, because I look at it all through a different lense now.

I am currently reading a really bad book, but it's so bad it's good!
Lauren said…
I read it also. I have to say I didn't really love it. Parts were better than others but I found all of the telling me the story and then educating me about it tiring.

I liked the movie better and that doesn't happen often.

I do like the premise of the story though.

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