Yeah! Updated Pics!!!

So here are some new pictures of my monsters. I've taken to calling them that like Lady Gaga calls her fans. I mean it in the best of compliments. First they are together. I'm catching a Pet Shop Boys vibe here. Liam has this whole Chris Lowe thing going on in his expression on this pic.

Here are some pics of the boys from this morning. Again showing their true personalities. Liam is cozy under his blanket and Tommy smiling as ever.


Heather, look at your handsome young BOYS!

Which one can I have for Kendra? :)

They really are growing so beautifully.

How are you and T, and Phoebe?
Lauren said…
Heather, they are soooooo adorable. They just keep getting cuter and cuter. I love how they are each showing their own personalities.
Suzanne said…
They are looking so grown up! Too too cute!

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