Good Day and Poison Ivy Recovery

Great day all around today.  Knocked a presentation out of the park to my boss and his boss with my entire team present.  Very very good.  Then I ran off to a doctor's appointment with a specialist about my varicose veins.  We have a follow up appointment scheduled to do a procedure with injections that she says will fix it all up.  Unfortunately, insurance won't cover it, but it's not as expensive as I thought it would be.  So June 13th I hope to see the last of the nasty veins on the back of my right leg.  The end of itching in the middle of the night.

On the flip side, Tommy is getting over from poison ivy or some other kind of contact rash.  It showed up on Wednesday afternoon, but we think he was in contact on Easter Sunday during the Easter Egg Hunt at my sister-in-law's.  I don't blame them though.  Tommy is the only kid that kept walking through the few areas of brush in their backyard.  Every other kid avoided it, but Tommy walked straight through it.  Benadryl at naptime or bedtime and then Benadryl cream have been helping.  He's been to the doctor twice and she confirmed it's a contact rash, probably poison ivy.

I'm also trying to finish up my MBA application.  I have to get my GPA from my bachelor's degree.  I can't remember it.  I also have to upload a recent copy of my resume and get two recommendations.  Wish me luck!


This really is the year of ACTION for you - I love it :)

My colleague's wife had that vein thing done and said it was a good idea - hope yours is good too.

Also, i cannot believe how big Phoebe's getting - she is so lovely and tall! And the BOYS are definitely not babies anymore *sob*
Mandy said…
The thought of going back to school is making me cringe! Best of luck!!

And they can fix varicose veins with an injection?! Hmmm....
Phil said…
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Anonymous said…
um....i totally have to look at the back of my legs now! i wake up ALL the TIME to uncontrollable itching on the back of my thighs and knees!!! i'm so oblivious to my own body sometimes.

how are YOU recovering? all back to normal??

contrats on the job thing. so glad that you did well! i LOVE when that happens.

and yea for MBA applications. :) what a great example for your kids, too, right? you guys can do homework together!! :)
You are inspiring! Wow -MBA, go hot mama!

Anonymous said…
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