It's All Good

I bought this book as a present to me this week.  Not sure if I'll have too much time to do a lot of recipes from it before my trip, but I did look it over and I really like it.  I'm not sure what the deal is with people not liking Gwyneth.  I personally do like her, but maybe it's because we resemble each other, although my butt does not look as good as her's right now.  The boys did notice she looks like me.  When I opened the Amazon box, Liam was so excited to see "Mommy's present" and he looked at the front of this book and said, "It's Mommy!"  LOL.

Another fun thing I found recently is the blog What Would Gwyenth Do?  It's a really good blog I found on a day that I really decided to ask Google that question when I was having a bad day.

So, don't be a hater or as LMFAO would say, "Stop! Hating is bad."


oh my hat, I've just now realised you do look like her :)

she is too thin right now but normally I do like her.
Heather said…
LOL! I love that saying "oh my hat" I think I'll start using that more often. And yes, I'm not as thin as her, nor do I want to be, but the resemblence cracks me up!
Blogger said…
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