So Overwhelmed

I haven't lost my password to this blog, but sometimes I feel I've lost my mind.  I'm currently finishing up my second term for my EMBA program at Villanova, just went through the third re-organization at work in the last 9 months and am now leading a team of 14 employees in IT, and of course gearing up to travel on May 3rd to South Africa!!!  The good thing to say is that I have amazing opportunities everywhere I turn.  The tough thing is there is lots of work to get done and I'm a bit overwhelmed and stressed.  I guess one could say I'm on opportunity overload!!!

The other side of the coin is the family is doing well, DH is completely stressed with work and traveling a lot.  His sister, Niki, is still with us and helping me get everyone out of the house for school and work everyday.  Phoebe is doing very well.  She's almost taller than me at the age of 12 and looks like she's about to go through another growth spurt, eating and sleeping constantly.  She got her braces off before Easter and has top and bottom retainers.  She's already broken the top retainer and another one is on order!  The boys are doing very well.  Tommy got glasses for seeing close up about two months ago and he's doing very well with wearing those.  Liam has an ear check up before I leave for SA and I'm sure that will go well.  Both boys are eating and growing a lot!!!

Here's the boys getting ready for an Easter Egg Hunt

Tommy found two eggs up the clubhouse for the slide

Liam looking so cute!!!  He found lots of eggs, but when he finds those, he moves fast and can't catch him in photos

Hope everyone is doing well!  I have a ton of assignments to get done for school over the next two weeks before I leave the country as well as getting my team at work to a good place before I leave.  I'm sure it will all get done, but I need to work on reducing my stress while I work like mad on the school and work fronts to get there.


Mrs FF said…
You definitely have been very busy, but good to know everything is going well!

YAY you are coming to this side of the world, I'm sure you are excited. Have you been here before? Or is this the first time? Hopefully, there'll be beautiful sunshine when you are here. As I'm sure you know we're heading into winter so it's cold and wet (though I'm sure by your standards it will feel more like fall than winter)

Hope all the preparation goes well and have a good trip when you travel.

I can't wait to see you! Please could you have a look at my email and respond. There's also something else I want to ask you but don't feel right posting all of that on your blog comments :) :)

CT will be mostly crappy weather but we should have gorgeous blue skies (even though it will be ice-cold)!!!

Stay focussed on the things only YOU can do, and delegate the rest.
cat said…
Good luck on all that is happening! I heard a little bird that you are coming over - hope you will enjoy it!

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