Cleaning House

A long, long time ago I wrote a post while I was going through the cleaning of the day.  Today's cleaning and laundry is to get ready for Thanksgiving. I sent Tom and Phoebe out to do the holiday grocery shopping with a list, coupons and gift card we got for the one warehouse store (BJs) as part of the rewards you get.  That will help keep the holiday grocery budget down!  The boys had cheese sandwiches for lunch:  Tommy's cold with oil, oregano and crushed red peppers (yup!) and Liam's was grilled cheese.  They are sitting for some quiet time with the movie Toy Story.  They may nap.  They might not nap, but at least they are having quiet time.  My timeline today has been:

2:30 PM - At this point, the toys in the living room are cleaned up and the room is vacuumed.  I took a lot of trash out of that room as they get out of control when Mommy was at school on Friday and Saturday.  The trash was like ripped up papers, McDonald's Happy Meal boxes (their little indulgence from Daddy that Mommy doesn't do, LOL!) and broken pencils and such.  The trash is out.  The room is clean and vacuumed.  I have things on the stairs to go upstairs.  Got a load of laundry started and dusted the living room.  Will move onto the kitchen in a moment.  Need to sit down and have a drink of water.

3:30 PM - Took the basket of stuff to go upstairs and put everything away.  Took out recycling. Dusted kitchen, sunroom and front living room.  wound the grandfather clock.  Vacuumed the kitchen.  In between I made the boys popcorn for a snack and need to remind them it's still quiet time.  I think it will be quiet time until Tom gets back.

4PM - Moved laundry from washer to dryer.  Started another load of laundry in the washer.  Emptied dishwasher, filled it up again and started it.  Hopefully, it will be done by the time we need to load it from dinner dishes.  Going to stalk Tom's iPhone and see if I have enough time to wash the kitchen floor.

8:15 PM - Yup, had time.  Mopped the floor.  Finished vacuuming downstairs, both staircases and cleaned the powder room.  Tom and Phoebe were home around 5PM.  We got the car unpacked and groceries put away.  Our friends came by around 5:30PM and we had salmon, scallops, brown rice and steamed Chinese greens.  Dishes are done, Phoebe is in the shower and then the boys are next.  I still have to keep the laundry moving.  I'm looking forward to having the kids all in bed and some peace and quiet.

Tomorrow I need to finish a few things on the first floor and then get the upstairs done before we have company Wednesday night into Thursday.  I have work Monday and Tuesday and then I'm off the rest of the week.


cat said…
Thats a lot of cleaning in a very short time

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