Coming Back

I've really missed my space here and all my blog friends.  So sorry if I've been absent, but good things have been afoot.  Here's some updates:

Graduate school has been kicking my behind!  I knew this was expected to be a tough term, but it really lived up to it's reputation.  I'll be graduating in May 2014, and I'm very much looking forward to that event!  Work has been interesting.  We were re-organized into the IT department from the business in April and there have been a lot of new processes and procedures to get used to.  My boss also left the company in September and she hasn't been replaced yet, so I've been reporting directly to her old boss. Home has been OK, although I've been completely stressed with school and work, so I think my family will be very happy when school is over.  Actually, I know they will be happy as my husband has professed so numerous times.

He's awesome!  Holding down the fort with the kids:  pickups, drop offs, homework, etc.  We have prioritized date nights at least two to three nights a month.  So our house may be messy, but we have spent some good nights out together both alone and with our friends.  He's been through a re-org at work too and has worked a lot of late nights at home, but he's also beginning talks with his work about promotion opportunities if we move to where the company is headquartered these days, which is outside Denver, Colorado.  I'm 100% ok with this, as I don't mind a move part of my looking for new employment.

Wonderful!  She's really coming into her own.  She was the only goalie for their 7th grade field hockey team and was doing very well with it.  They got their first report card with real grades on it and she got all As and one B (Algebra I, which is way advanced for 7th grade).  She's been doing some of her own laundry these days and helping around the house, although her room is still always messy.  A week ago, she was Confirmed in the Catholic Church and I had to keep myself from crying during the ceremony.

Tommy and Liam
I don't mean to negate their individuality by lumping them together in my status, but they are both doing fantastic.  Their vocabulary has exploded and they are learning their letters and Tom has been teaching them about addition and subtraction (We are such total math geeks!).  They have been chasing each other around the house as their latest game.  We're working on them not hurting themselves so much, but they are such boys.  Liam had a concussion a few weeks ago, when he fell and hit his head on the hearth of the fireplace.  They were not chasing each other during this incident, but he was standing on a chair in the living room and fell onto the floor.  Tommy had a bruise on his forehead a week later from hitting his head on the headboard of his bed.  What must the preschool think!  I am considering changing preschools as I wish the boys were working more on writing their name, letters and simple math.  I've heard good things about a school that is around the corner from where they are right now.  I remember where Phoebe was educationally at their age and I know they are not quite being given as much of the "fun" education weaved into play that I'd like to see.  I'm going to call that school this week and see if they have availability for two more students and if so, I'll schedule a visit without the kids and see what I think.

All of us are excited to get ready for Thanksgiving.  The two turkeys are ordered already from the Amish poulterer in Philly we use every year.  Tomorrow we'll do shopping for everything but the turkeys.  When we get home from shopping, I'll be working on cooking down the pumpkins and making pies.  Wednesday Tom and I will both take the day off, go into Philly to pick up the turkeys and have family begin to arrive in the afternoon and evening to start prepping everything.  Then we get to move on to Christmas decorating, which the boys are very excited for.  They are currently very aware that Christmas comes after Thanksgiving, but I don't think they realize yet, that it will still be another month, not the next day!

Hope all my American friends have a very Happy Thanksgiving, I hope all my non-American friends are well and happy, and for my South African friends - enjoy your summer, it's freezing where I am!


Gosh, it has been a while!

If you move to Denver, I'm coming to visit!!!

Glad to hear you're all doing well even if you're busy busy busy. I can't imagine that level of intensity at work plus studying PLUS 3 kids.


ps tell me how things are going with the people in your study group!
Mandy said…
Welcome back! This cold front coming in tonight is really reminding me that winter is actually on its way! So glad to hear that all is well. :)
Mrs FF said…
Welcome back!!!

Glad all is well.

Play school seems to be all about play these days than anything else and I always wonder about it too

Welcome back! We've missed you and are glad for the update. It sounds like you are doing a good job staying above water, despite your busy season.

Happy Thanksgiving!!
cat said…
Oh yes, we are really enjoying summer.

Glad to year all is well on your side and happy Thanksgiving

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