Cucumber Lemon Water - Wide Mouth Water Bottle

My favorite water bottle has a very wide mouth.  I could say it has a big mouth, just like me!  I love it because I can then put lemon and cucumber slices in my water.  Makes it taste so yummy and it's so good for the body!  I love the pretty pictures on it too.  Very soothing, just like the water.

I am definitely finding some great new blogs to read!  Some of my new favorites are as follows are Hungry Hungry Hippie and The Wellness Warrior.

The other thing I have to say something about is the breakup of Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband.  I'm really not a huge fan of the media and the paparazzi and how they have to turn and twist everything to sell their papers or get traffic on their website.  I've looked at several of the articles and every one of them seems to be not very flattering.  I'd like just once to see something that indicates they seem to be doing this carefully for the children and don't want any drama for themselves, but to remain friendly.  There may have been affairs, possibly on both sides, but seriously, do we need to know all their business?  Can this be between them and not the whole world?  Their children will grow up someday and they don't need to see all the speculation.

It's a shame they couldn't work it out.  Being separated for so long cannot be good for a relationship.  My husband and I miss each other when we don't get a lot of time together.  We'll sometimes decide we need to play "be by me".  We just want to be near each other even if we are not really engaging in any activity together.  It's just a hang out think to do and feel the other one's presence nearby.

Anyway!  Drink more water!  It does a body good.


Heather said…
Apparently these sell a lot in England. One of my classmates at Villanova just asked me if I bought it in London. I found it at a Mom & Pop organic food store on the clearance rack!
Paul Franken said…
It goes without saying that water is good for our body, and so are lemons and cucumbers. So it makes sense that combining the three would make an excellent healthy drink. I never tried the cucumber and lemon water combination before, but the more I read about the multiple benefits of this healthy regimen, the more I’m getting convinced to try it.

Paul Franken @ American Pure Spring Water

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