Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Boys Will Be Boys - Mom Can Fix It!

What do I do as soon as I no longer have school work to worry about (technically I have one more paper to finish, but not a big deal)?  I break out the sewing machine that has not seen the light of day for the past 21 months!  It is spring-time here in Pennsylvania and we will still need to wear pants until about June; however, the boys only had two pairs of jeans (two for each of them) that did not have massive holes in the knees. My handy MIL had fixed a few already a few months ago, but I got the bug to learn to do this myself so the boys could get more wears out of them before we move on to shorts season.  The last thing I want to do right now is buy them more pants as I'm sure in the fall, they will be moving up a size in jeans, but then they will just need play clothes as they will be wearing uniforms to school.  I don't think I've posted recently about the school choice for the boys' Kindergarten, but will do that later.  They are going to our local Catholic school in the fall.

I found the instructions how to do the patching like my MIL did on Pinterest and I went to town.  This is no where near the numbers of pants I have fixed for them.  I believe I've done about 10 pairs of pants already and I have four more left to go.  I took old jeans I had in the basement I've been saving to make a quilt out of jeans fabric and used them for the patch on the backside of the fabric.  Pin that in place and go to town with a funky zig zag stitch to keep it in place on top.  The boys knees will now be better protected with this patching in place.  To say I am proud of myself, is an understatement.  

Let's hope their uniform pants in the fall survive better than these pants.  I don't think patching knees is in the dress code!  I'm sure Step One when they walk in the house will be to change out of their uniform!

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Marcia (123 blog) said...

Ridiculously proud of you!!!!

Do you know I have a Pinterest board called "if only I could sew" :)