Last Weekend in School

I'm at school for my last weekend before graduation!  We will be leaving in about one hour and then we will have graduation on May 17.  It was 21 months ago I began this journey to get my MBA and I'm so surprised it's over.  I've learned so much and have truly changed for the better.  I've learned more than just accounting, financial management, marketing and strategy.  I've learned how to manage my time better, focus on what's important and let go what is not.

I have a huge thank you to my family: my amazing husband and fabulous daughter and sons!  They have been so supportive of me in the pursuit of my goals.  I look forward to having more time to spend with them and also find my next goals and dreams.


Yay! Can't wait to have "my Heather" back :)


PS it's nearly a year since I saw you last!!!!!

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