Diet Beta Test Update


Wow!  I will tell you this is life changing stuff!  I've been wanting to give an update to everyone as I've been having great success experimenting with fixing my metabolism.  Partly why I wanted to try this program, is I already was experimenting with different things like healthy recipes, cutting out dairy and intermittent fasting and was having some results.  What I was really looking for was more guidance on protocols and why one would choose to try different protocols and why.  That is exactly what this program is.  You listen to lots of different audio programs talking about the following ideas:

  • Healing gut health - this is one of the key ideas that we need to do in order to repair our metabolism and ensure we are receiving full nutrition from the healthy foods we eat.
  • Eliminating inflammatory foods - inflammatory foods do not help your metabolism and gut health.  I've been avoiding dairy, gluten, alcohol, peanuts and nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, egg plant and peppers)
  • Eating ketogenically - when we say high fat, low carb diet, this does not mean eating greasy food.  This is focused on healthy fats like avocado, walnuts and almonds, healthy meats and lots of veggies!
  • Performing intermittent fasting  - I have been extending the time I fast from dinner until around 11AM or noon. I would never have thought I could do something like this.  I've always been hypoglycemic and not eating would make me hangry! But eating ketogenically and getting your body used to that first has been the trick.
  • Getting ready for and performing a fast - either 3 day bone broth supported fast or a 7 day shortened window fast (4 hours eating, 20 hours fasting) - I haven't tried this yet, but I'm getting ready to.  
Please note that me giving you this information above is just a drop in the bucket to the information Chalene provides in her program.  I don't know if she is going to do Level 1 again, but I did just sign up for Level 2 today and that starts June 12th.  

So what has all this done for me?... I have not been 100% faithful to the program.  With some of the weekends, I have had a few glasses of wine and at a Cub Scout year end picnic, I did eat a hamburger on a bun.  That said, I have lost 3 lbs already (and I'm not finished!) and my pants that used to fit perfectly in the winter are now sliding off my bottom, LOL.  I have amazing energy and am energized to stick to the program more faithfully and finally reach my goal weight that I've been working on for years now.  


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