May Goals and To Dos

It's been a long time since I've posted monthly goals/larger to-do items. We have a lot going on this month and I really want to make sure my focus is in the right places.  I'm very excited about some of the changes going on in our life.  Things are definitely much different than where we were several years ago.

  • Finish Chalene’s Diet Beta Test – on Day 3 right now!
  • Run or elliptical 2-3 times a week
  • Yoga from Beachbody on Demand 3 times a week
  • Have my passport renewed
  • Call the doctor about the moles on my face – want them removed!

  • Boys’ First Communion on May 6th!
  • Phoebe goes to a friend’s Junior Prom on May 19th, but I think we are fully ready for that already.
  • Work with the boys on their math fact skills
  • Get Tommy new glasses – can we use our regular eye doctor?
  • Schedule boys’ physical and filling out form for Cub Scout camp
  • Schedule physical therapy for Phoebe’s back (pinched nerve/mild scoliosis)
  • Schedule her follow up orthodontist appointment after 7/24
  • Schedule the AI appointment regarding her excessive flexibility

Scouting (Yes, we are in Cub Scouting leadership for our boys' Pack!  Lots of fun!)
  • Contact families that have not finished requirements this year
  • Figure out who hasn’t received Cyber Chip or recharge that completed it.
  • Plan/Execute Year End Picnic – May 21st
  • Finalize gifts for outgoing leadership
  • Send out emails to all new adult leaders about clearances and training needed
  • Create a gmail account for scouting and setup google drive to go with it
  • Plan summer schedule for scouting
  • Begin planning for next year’s scouting calendar

  • Beachbody business
  • Blog post 5x a week – especially on the Diet Beta Test.  I’m learning a lot!
  • Get up to date on blog reading on Feedly
  • Get to the office earlier - 8:30 is the target to meet.  I will track this heavily this month.  I have a lot of work at the office going on.
  • Ensure I am tracking/keeping organized all the tasks I have in the office
  • Plan with co-worker the July Women in Risk networking event
  • Put together all the tasks and complete them to purchase the Westmont house and get it ready.

  • Weeding and mulching (need to find a non-rainy weekend!)
  • Clean out the basement
  • Clean off the back deck
  • Have broken window fixed
  • Have upstairs sitting room couch reupholstered
  • Schedule/get estimate for shower tile repair and kitchen grout cleaned

Do you do work on monthly goals and to do list?  How is it going?  I've missed doing it to keep my priorities in focus and accomplishing more!


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