My Feelings on Brangelina

I've seen quite a few posts in the infertile world with the opinion of thinking that Angelina Jolie is a stupid, odd woman. I'll attempt to give the other side. I think she's odd, but I also think she rocks! I think it's fantastic that she's more interested in the issues of the world (and more importantly the people in the world that need help) than going to some red carpet affair and being hung up in looking perfect for the camera all the time. I think her beauty and grace show through in the way she handles herself and her family.

I've had some family members make comments about pre-Brad that she would meet friends/lovers at hotels and wouldn't mix that with her home life with her children. I applauded that. I've always said if something ever happened to DH, I would probably never marry again. But of course I'd still have needs that must be taken care of and I wouldn't want DD to know about that side of my life. I want to be able to talk to her about sex, but without personal experiences thrown in.

On Brad. I think he's OK. Not really my cup of tea. I think DH and Colin Firth are much sexier than Brad. But some woman seem to think he's the hottest thing, so....

I've heard some people comment badly on her adopting from around the world and how Maddox when he was too said he liked Africa and wanted a brother or sister from there. You have to understand, she was repeating what a two-year-old said. As all mothers, she thought it was fantastic and endearing. I'm sure it wasn't the only reason she adopted her daughter. I think she must think about these things very carefully like we all do. I also think that some of these comments are akin to "mother-bashing" which is something I don't like to partake in.

This all said, I AM JEALOUS! As an infertile woman, I'm frustrated that she hasn't even married the man yet, and she gets an "oops baby" and is walking around all cute and glowing with her belly bump and her two other kids (maybe this proves one of those sayings we all hate "adopt and you'll get pregnant"). I wish I had the money to be able to adopt babies from around the world and have them as part of our family. I wish I had a job and the money to travel around the world with my family and help plead the plight of refugees around the world.

So there, it's said and done.

On another topic, which isn't mommy-bashing, but I was irritated. I showed up on-time to my parent-teacher conference with Phoebe's Pre-K teacher and five minutes into it, another parent and her son show up for their PT conference. They were either 20 minutes late or 10 minutes early. They were standing about 15 feet away while I'm trying to ask about Phoebe's strengths and weaknesses. I didn't like having such a private conversation in front of another parent and classmate (I think he was part time and not in school that day), so we kind of cut it a little short. I did get the jist that she's fabulously intelligent, loves numbers and is very intested in reading and sounding out words. She gets frustrated though sometimes and has temper tantrums that we've been working on. It's more of her perfectionist self coming out.

I told her teacher we've been helping her laugh it off and make her see a funny joke in it. I hope she tries it. It's really been working for us. For example, this morning, Phoebe got upset that her father made her bed. Apparently, she wanted to do it and started to cry. I smiled at her and told her to make her happy I'd let her make every bed in the house, every day, for the rest of her life. She laughed. We continued that the new house will have even more beds, and we'll make sure that she needs to make them every day too. She kept giggling and it was over.


Anonymous said…
I am sick of the whole Brangelina thing,myself.I think alot of people adopt less fortunate kids.They aren't hailed as heros by the press.I guess I just don't care for her and my opinion is
Emily aka madmommy
Crystal said…
Well said about Brangelina...

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