It's All Coming Together

I'm so happy!!!! I got the best news yesterday at work! I got an "Exceeds Expectations" on my review this year (very hard with our forced ranking at our company). I haven't gotten that in 3 years. I also got the promotion to Senior Project Manager that I've been working for during those 3 years as well. My boss actually said I'm his right-hand person!!! You have no idea what this means to me. I've had my work-ego broken down over the past few years from bad managers and upper-management in the department I was in. If you remember, I took a risk in the summer and changed to a different department. I left the Info Technology department and went to Marketing, but still in a technical project management role. It's so nice to see it all coming together and to reap the rewards from a calculated risk.

We have an open house tomorrow, so I have some extra cleaning I want to get done before then. Tom's not feeling well, and he's at school, so we bought him some cold medicine for when he gets home.

Here's the bad news, K&G had a miscarriage. She was 5 weeks along. Her second HcG was 7 down from 23. They were upset rightfully so. I told her it's upsetting and disappointing no matter when it happens. Just because you may not have been far along doesn't mean it's not upsetting. I'm sure we can all agree with this. The good news is that she can get pregnant. She's going to start charting her temps instead of using ovulation predictor kits as she's had a hard time with them. I'm going to help her with the temperature charting. I'm hoping they have much better luck next time.


Congrats on the promotion! Good for you!

I'm sorry to hear about H&G's miscarriage. That's matter when it happens.
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the promotion and hugs to your friends.
Emily aka madmommy
BillieS said…
You are right....take charge of your own career. Move on when you need to and always be looking for where you want to be next. This is from someone who has been a career counselor. And congratulations on the promotion.

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