Closer and Closer

It's getting much closer to our closing date for the new house. We stopped by yesterday after Phoebe's ice skating class, as we had people coming to see our old house (please bid soon people!). It looks fantastic. They've pretty much finished and had all the cardboard pulled up from the tile floors and plastic from the carpets. It's amazing!!!

We've got a lot of stuff to get done with putting final documents together for the mortgage, starting to request utilities to be turned on, and of course packing. I have some boxes already as they moved my desk at work finally, so I can sit in the same building as my department. That's going to save me some time at work. I kept the moving boxes at work and I'm going to bring them home to start packing with them. I'll also probably start raiding the copy paper boxes too.

We stopped by the vineyard after we finished at the house. We met up with K&G there. They're doing very well and optimistic for the future tries at parenthood. K started taking her temperatures and she's showing them to me to help her analyze them. The vineyard owner's daughter, came by. She's three years old. Phoebe and her had a lot of fun together. It was so cute to see Phoebe help her down the stairs and then they were playing Ring around the Rosie.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like things are coming together.
Emily aka madmommy

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