A Pep Talk for Me

Getting back into the non-holiday routine is rough, so I need a little pep talk from myself. First here's how I'm feeling and then the correlating happy thoughts:
  • Annoyed that I couldn't wake up earlier than 6:15 AM, which meant that I didn't get to work out this morning.
  • My hips hurt today, as I'm PMS. I've been spotting for three days. My temp dropped today, so I'm sure it'll be here full force tomorrow.
  • Frustrated that I've been working hard all day, and I still have much more to do.
  • I didn't get much personal planning done last night.
Here's the things I know I should be happy about:
  • The sun is out for the first time in three days, and I might be able to exercise tonight by walking the dog. I think I may need to make some yoga time as well.
  • I may have some of my PMS symptoms gone. No stomach/digestion issues, and I haven't been exhausted.
  • I'm employed, I like my job, and I'm working very hard to stay on track with what needs to be completed.
  • I did do my nails last night and relaxed. They look really good, so I wore my favorite emerald ring on today. Oohh! and one of my favorite funky necklaces with a moon face and hand on it. DH bought it at some "New Age" shop near his office last year. He knows I love that stuff!

We still don't have any offers on our current house!!!! Please send good house offer vibes our way.

Also, please keep my friends K&G in your thoughts and prayers. She had a blood test that confirmed she is pregant, but then at work last night she was spotting. She called the doctor and he said to stay off her feet and not go to work today if she still was spotting (she's an OR nurse and can't be off her feet at work!). I really want this to work out for her. I wish all my friends could have no issues having their babies. Especially so I can play with them and babysit! Sometimes I secretly remember how nice it is to be the "Cool Aunt."

I feel a little better so now back to work!


Anonymous said…
I hope ya'll sell your house quickly.And best wishes to your friend.
Emily aka madmommy
Crystal said…
Don't you love it when your nails look fabulous and you can bust out a great ring! :o)

Sorry about AF, crap.

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