Death of a Cell Phone

My Treo cell phone/PDA/MP3 player is on it's last legs. I have no idea what happened to it, but I'm glad I got the extended warranty/service package with Verizon. It really hasn't fallen much or have any visible damage, but the touch screen won't work. It really is very had to navigate using only buttons and you can't play games at all (biggest problem!). So I went to Verizon and called the data support team and they Fed Ex'ed me a new one. It's waiting at home for me right now. I could've had it yesterday, but no one was home, so I asked DH to work from home this morning to have them drop it off.

Things have been nuts the past few days. Getting lots of stuff together. On Sunday night, I got all the additional documentation the mortgage company wanted while Tom was studying. He however, got the job of dropping off the documents at the mortgage company as it was too big to fax.

Today's spare moments (ha!) have been spent getting 2 different quotes for home and auto insurance for the new address. We may use our current insurance agent to get our insurance, or we may go through my company's discount with MetLife. I got the one quote from MetLife already and the one from our agent should come in today. Can't wait to get that nailed down and sent to the mortgage company. And tell me, who really knows before they move in what fire company supports them and how far away the fire hydrant is from the propery??? Those questions kill me. I, of course, called the builder to find out.

I need to take some boxes home and start packing some stuff that is not necessary. I'd like to pack up/clean out the china cabinet as we're not taking the china cabinet and I can get it out of the house now. I also want to clean out the filing cabinet in the study, as I'm sure we don't need the statements from our electric bill from the past 3 years!!!

Gotta go and pick up the munchkin from school!!! I have cleaned out some of the blogs I read, but I need to add a few more to my list, as well as start posting more comments on the blogs I read. As part of the delurking week last week, which I didn't have time to participate in, if you read me, please say hi! I'm curious to see who is besides the very few that I notice as my "regular readers."


BillieS said…
You have my sympathy on the clearing out and packing up. fun. But it is fun when you put your things in the new house. So stay focused on the results.
Anonymous said…
i came across your blog a couple of months ago as i was having trouble ttc and have added it my list of blogs i lurk. i grew up in DE.

oh, and my good news is that now i'm expecting. i hope for the same for you once you're settled into your new place.
kati said…
i'm visiting your blog on a regular basis. We're going through some of the same stuff (endometriosis, secondary infertility, acupuncture etc.), but you seem much more positive than i am. And that's really good.

have fun with your new home!

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