Ear Infections and Rambling Thoughts

Phoebe is getting over a double ear infection. As usual, no one could tell she wasn't feeling well until it was unbearable for her. She was at my ILs this past weekend, enjoying time with her cousins and the pool. We got a call at 2 AM on Saturday morning. Of course when I heard the phone ringing, I figured it was a wrong number and no reason to answer. Then it hits me, "Phoebe's not home. There's something wrong with her!" I woke up Tom to answer the phone as it's on his side of the bed. She woke up in the middle of the night screaming her ear hurt her. Tom's mom wanted to know what she could give her. Some Tylenol and time later, she's sleeping soundly and we're driving the 1 1/2 hours to pick her up, so we can take her to the ped during their Saturday morning emergency hours so we can get some antibiotics into her system. At the doctor's office she doesn't have a fever or any pain, and the Tylenol should've worn off by then. Still they confirmed, double ear infection, right one definately worse than the left. That afternoon, she played in the sprinkler with the neighbor girl. You would never have known she was screaming in pain a few hours before.

We were quiet the rest of the weekend. Stayed local, visited some friends, swam in their pool, tired Phoebe out in the pool. She's positively brown by now. She tans very quickly. I need to post some pics of her swimming this past weekend. She had a blast. We've decided we need to try to get a pool for next summer.

Random thought - I'd love to know who comes up with the names of roads and places. On the commute home every day, we run past a community called Coffee Run. It's right off Loveville Road. Who comes up with these??? And don't get me started on Blueball Road off I-95 in PA. That was on the commute to my old job. Used to make me laugh practically every day.


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