Some Rantings, Proud Mama Stories and Arm Farts

I've really been in a funk the past few days. I'm getting a lot done at work, but not much on the home front. But in general, it seems like things always take longer than I would like them to. I just wish sometimes I could curl up in bed with a good book until this feeling goes away or vegetate in front of a recorded episode of Footballers Wives. Heck with that Desparate Housewives. Footballers Wives is much much better. And my hair looks like Tanya's these days. That scares me quite a bit. Maybe I could get a new career if I develop some of those "over-acting" faces. LOL!

Phoebe keeps me smiling though. She's really gotten into watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with me. I love this and the original show. The themes and existing life parallels are wonderful. We've been having some good conversations around the themes of the episodes. There's one we watched last week where Worf's son, Alexander, is not interested in learning to fight like other Klingon's do. That he does not want to kill a simulated warrior in the Halodeck. Phoebe asked me why not. I asked her why she thought so. It took awhile to get her real feelings out of her. I mentioned that Alexander is only a little older than her and how would she feel if she was told to kill someone. She said she wouldn't want to because it was mean. Sounds like a heavy conversation to have with a five-year-old, but we talked alot about how Alexander grows up to use his intellect and communication skills to help Klingons find peace, which is the final point of the episode. She really gets it, so I don't mind talking at what some people may say is above her age level.

She also loves math. I had three worksheets of addition in her cubby today. Her teacher said that it wasn't part of her lesson plan today, but Phoebe and her friend Sarah were playing a math game in the corner at school and then they were asking their teacher to confirm some of the addition they were working that was over 10. Phoebe and Sarah were the only kids to do these addition worksheets today. They asked for them. And they say girls aren't good in math! It kind of reminds me of when I was in first grade and this one boy and I used to compete to see who could memorize the higher multiplication tables first.

But I seem to be raising an athletic geek. She's really paying attention at ice skating and trying to do the skills over and over until she gets them right. It's kind of like the monkey bars at her grandparents house. She fell off them this weekend and was crying that her hip hurt. Everyone thought she was going to end up in the ER. Then she decided all of a sudden that she wanted to go in the pool. An hour later, she's back on the monkey bars. She just thinks its great that she can do these things and wants to keep at it until she gets it completely the way she wants it. V. determined. She's been learning a lot of new things lately. She's been snapping her fingers constantly. It's like living with my own do-wop singer. She can pour her own cereal and milk in the morning. She can not only brush her hair by herself, but recently learned how to put it in a ponytail. But out of all the things she's learned to do lately, the one she is most proud of is arm farts. Her cousin Jake taught her how to do arm farts and she thinks that's the best skill of all. I think I'd rather her be snapping her fingers.


emily said…
Isn't mama proud?lol
Ned(Billie's Husband) said…
We raised three boys so I know about arm farts. We have 4 grandsons and the ten year old has now graduated from the arm to the real thing.

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